Fingers to the Bone Pay Dirt (1/2 gram)


Fingers to the Bone Pay Dirt is an exciting way for people of all ages to play in the dirt all year around.  It makes for a fun and unusual gift, its great for entertaining kids, birthday parties, door prizes,  and treasure hunts. With information from our website panning can be done congruently with are tips on where to look for gold, mining history, constitutional rights and the importance of mining in our daily lives the fun of finding gold can be educational. Get a bag or two for hands on learning for field trips, home schooling, and boys and girls Scouts. Its even good for the enthusiast wanting to test new mining techniques or mining equipment.

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Pay Dirt Geologic Setting:
Fingers to the Bone Pay Dirt is removed from an older section of stream-bed gravels that have been left high and dry as the stream cut deeper over time. These old gravels that are now above the current stream are called “benches” by the miners who mine them for gold and other valuable minerals. Fingers to the Bone Pay Dirt contains concentrates extracted from bench gravels located at the base of a channel where gold is often found. We sifted out the larger rocks to increase the likelihood of richer concentrates and provide you with better pay dirt. We did not search the Pay Dirt—we saved that thrill for you.

We do not know how much gold is in each bag of pay dirt, so we have added gold. This ensures you have a fun and exciting experience panning, as well as a fair transaction. It is possible that you get more gold than what was added, and we hope you do. Please be aware that 2.5 lbs (less than 100 cubic inches) is a relatively small sample, and a miner can go through many cubic yards of gravel for a good days keep, with an occasional good-sized nugget. If you are looking for the best deal in gold we recommend buying coins or bullion.

Our Intent:
We want you to feel the exhilaration of finding that elusive show of color that holds such local historic significance. Hopeful land owners had been part of the Westward Expansion of the United States for years, but the 1949 Gold Rush expedited the settling of the west coast and made folks in the 1850’s rush to Josephine County. During WWII the government closed the gold mining industry and opened it back up later, but the industry did not recover to it’s previous heyday level. Keeping that in mind, there are still undepleted claims available here in Southern Oregon. We provide a fun product for all ages, whether you are learning to pan, honing your skills, or doing a test run on new mining equipment. You just might end up with gold fever and use your new panning skills to go out and claim your own gold!

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1.5 in
Gold 1/2g

1lb pay dirt, 1/2g Au


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